i30 Stereo Upgrade Options including Australian-Made Subwoofer Enclosure

We’re excited to announce production of i30 Stereo Upgrade packages for Hyundai i30 PD (2017 – current!) If you’re looking for a sound system upgrade which fits like factory and offers a huge upgrade in sound, look no further.

Hyundai doesn’t offer any premium sound options in the i30, with the standard six-speaker system leaving a lot to be desired. Fortunately, it’s possible to add a factory-style subwoofer, upgrade the speakers and add an amplifier for a more powerful, better sounding system which looks like a factory option!

We’ve done all the hard work – we’ve done research and testing on the i30 and the best upgrade options, and developed a factory-style subwoofer which fits in the side panel of the boot without any modification to the car. Our packages connect to your factory touch screen, and our premium Audison DSP amplifiers are loaded with settings specifically tailored to get the most out of the sound system upgrade in your i30.

Kenwood Basic Bass Package

i30 stereo upgrade subwoofer kenwood

A great entry-level pack for someone looking to add some bass.
– AV-DC i30 10″ Subwoofer Box
– Kenwood 10″ Subwoofer
– Kenwood 300w Amplifier

Audison Bass Package

i30 stereo upgrade subwoofer audison

Audison’s subwoofer offers deeper, smoother bass, and the high quality AudioControl amplifier with AccuBASS is designed to restore bass frequencies that the factory touchscreen cuts out.
– AV-DC i30 10″ Subwoofer Box
– Audison 10″ Subwoofer with grille
– AudioControl 300w Compact Subwoofer Amplifier

Audison 7 Speaker Upgrade Package

i30 stereo upgrade audison

Get into real sound with a full speaker system upgrade, along with our premium subwoofer package. Our Audison DSP Amplifier is computer-tuned to restore the sound from your factory touchscreen, making for a huge improvement over a regular amplifier & speaker upgrade.
– AV-DC i30 10″ Subwoofer Box
– Audison 10″ Subwoofer with grille
– Audison Prima 520 watt Compact DSP Amplifier
– Audison Prima 6.5″ Front Component Speakers
– Audison Prima 6.5″ Rear Coaxial Speakers

Focal 7 Speaker Premium Upgrade Package

i30 stereo upgrade focal

The truly premium option! Focal’s Flax-series speakers and subwoofer offer amazing dynamics, smooth top end and plentiful bass. This system, with its up-rated DSP amplifier, truly outclasses most “premium sound” factory systems on the market.
– AV-DC i30 10″ Subwoofer Box
– Focal Flax 10″ Premium Subwoofer
– Audison Prima FORZA 1040 watt Compact DSP Amplifier
– Focal Flax 6.5″ Front Component Speakers
– Focal Flax 6.5″ Rear Coaxial Speakers

i30 Stereo Upgrade Optional Extras

Foam-backed sound deadening
Remote bass control
Remote bass & listening preset control (DSP Amplifiers)
12″ Subwoofer Upgrade

All system packages come with:
– Wiring harness to plug into your factory touch screen – no factory wiring is cut or modified
– Premium Stinger power wiring
– OEM-Fit speaker mounts (with speaker upgrades)
– Installation details, tips and photos

It’s worth noting that while this is a vehicle-specific upgrade designed to install into your i30 without any permanent modification, we always recommend professional installation.

We can install your i30 stereo upgrade at our workshop in Adelaide, or send the package to you or your chosen installer anywhere in Australia. For pricing and ordering, contact us today.

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