Many dash cams are focused on offering a massive range of features and functionality, but the Garmin Dash Cam Mini does things differently – it offers high quality 1080 recording, supports up to 512GB memory cards, and it’s tiny – no larger than your car key. This makes for unique opportunities to integrate a dash cam in vehicles where a conventional dash cam might be unsightly or awkward.

HD Recording for your Classic Car

If you want to add drive recording to your classic car, but you don’t want a large, obtrusive unit taking up space on your windscreen and ruining the purity of your driving experience, the Garmin Dash Cam Mini is worth a look. It’s got one wire, a lens, and a mount to stick to your windscreen. That’s it. It turns on when you drive, and you can also choose to record when you’re parked.

Unobtrusive Recording – Wherever You Want It

If you have a modern or classic car, and you just don’t want a larger dash cam in your field of view, this unit can easily hide behind a rear view mirror. You can add a second independent unit to record out the rear window, or just about anywhere. The camera has event impact detection built in to automatically save video files before, during and after an incident, and you can insert the Micro SD card in a PC to view footage.

Garmin Dash Cam Mini Professional Installation

Of course, the smallest dash cam isn’t so beneficial if the wires hang everywhere. AV-DC are the dash cam experts for a reason – we have the tools and know-how to safely and neatly run wiring out of sight in any car, and connect it without permanent modification to your car’s wiring. Make the most of a mini dash cam purchase with our expert installation.

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