Thinkware is one of the leading brands of Dash Cams in Australia. They offer some of the highest quality cameras with great features, and they’re worth considering if you’re after a dash cam to protect your car.

Thinkware U1000 4K Ultra-HD

Thinkware’s flagship camera, the U1000, offers 4K Ultra-HD front recording and 2K QHD rear recording. It has great low light performance for night driving, and add-ons like a Polarising Filter and even a Radar module to sense nearby objects while the car is parked, for automatic event recording while parked. Like most premium dash cams, it has built-in GPS location recording and WiFi connectivity to the Thinkware app on your phone.

The U1000, like many of Thinkware’s dash cams, offers Advanced Driver Alert System (ADAS,) which can add lane-departure warning, forward collision alert, forward vehicle departure warning, and other safety features found on some new vehicles. It also offers Safety Camera Warnings with its Australian database of safety camera locations. It can also be cloud-connected via a suitable internet connection.

Thinkware T700 HD + LTE

If cloud connectivity is high on your list, the T700 is hard to go past. It offers 1080 HD recording front and rear, and has inbuilt SIM card capability. When loaded with an appropriate SIM card from your provider, it can access the Blackvue Cloud directly. This is by far the neatest, simplest solution for a dash cam that you can check on anytime, anywhere. It also offers built in GPS location recording and WiFi connectivity, along with ADAS features and Safety Camera warnings.

Thinkware F800 Pro

The F800 Pro is a great high quality dashcam for everyday use, offering 1080 HD recording front and rear, built in GPS and WiFi, ADAS and Safety Camera warnings, along with Super Night Vision for enhanced low light recording. Like all Thinkware dash cams, it also offers parking mode recording, in the F800’s case with choices for Time Lapse and Energy Saving parking modes.

Other Models

Thinkware have a wide range of cameras, from these fully-featured units to simple, compact no-frills cameras for basic recording duties, as well as motorcycle camera systems. We’d love to help you find a Thinkware model to suit your needs.

Expert AV-DC Installation

Installing a dash cam properly is a bit more involved than plugging it into the cigarette lighter socket, especially where looks and safety are concerned. AV-DC are the dash cam experts for a reason – we know how to install dash cams properly on all vehicles, integrating safely with factory wiring, trim panels and curtain airbags so your dash cam system is neatly integrated, safe and reliable. Not only that, but we can help you use your dashcam and provide support. See us at our Panorama showroom today to discuss a Thinkware dash cam!

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