At AV-DC we supply and fit electric trailer brake controller units to all vehicles. A trailer brake controller is a must-have for towing large trailers, caravans, camper trailers, horse floats, car trailers and more.

How do Trailer Brake Controllers work?

Electric trailer brakes are electro-mechanical brake mechanisms fitted to trailers. When supplied with electrical current, the brakes engage, slowing the trailer. This reduces the load on the tow vehicle’s brakes and assist stability of the trailer and tow vehicle. Some trailers have mechanical (over-ride / over-run) brakes, which engage when the vehicle slows and the hitch pushes in from the force against it. While okay for occasional use, they are less effective than electric trailer brakes, less adjustable, and the mechanism is noisy and unrefined, with the trailer ‘shunting’ back and forth as you drive. Electric trailer brakes are the best solution for smooth, quiet, effective braking in all conditions.

Basic (fixed) Trailer Brake Controller

Trailer Brake Controllers work by controlling the supply of current to the trailer brakes. Basic controllers, such as the Redarc TowPro Classic, apply a constant current to the trailer brakes whenever the tow vehicle’s brake pedal is pressed. The amount of braking force can be adjusted with the control knob, but remains constant whenever the brake pedal is pressed.

Proportional Trailer Brake Controller

Controllers such as the Redarc TowPro Elite, Tekonsha Prodigy P3 and Hayman Reese CompactIQ can continuously vary the amount of trailer braking applied, depending on how hard the tow vehicle is braking. This means each time the vehicle slows down, the appropriate amount of braking is always applied. Typically this results in less wear and tear on the trailer brakes, smoother operation, and most importantly, high performance in emergency braking situation. Proportional brake controllers are always our preferred controllers.

Redarc Trailer Brake Controller Tekonsha Trailer Brake Controller Hayman Reese Trailer Brake Controller


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