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Protect Your Car

Protect your car and your insurance history with a quality dash cam.

AV-DC are the Adelaide Dash Cam specialists. Have you ever had a disputed insurance claim with a third party after a car accident? Or damage caused to your car while parked, with no note left? It’s dishonest and frustrating, but we can help! We stock only the best cameras, with expert advice and installation for your car. Our cameras record any incident, and you can download footage straight to your smartphone or computer for use.

Front & Rear Recording Dash Cams

We have a range of dash cams for recording your drive, capture traffic incidents, and protect your car while you’re parked. All of our cameras record in High Definition, and we have a number of systems capable of recording footage from the front and rear of your car – Also known as two-channel (2CH) dash cams. Ever seen a rear-end or tailgating incident? Our two-channel dash cams are advantageous for incidents like this.

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Parking Recording Dash Cams

Are you worried about what might happen to your car while you’re parked at work, at a shopping centre or parked on the street? All our dash cams can be used for parking recording. Whenever the camera detects motion or shock, your dash cam can record any potential issues as they happen, and notify you when you get back to your car. Just ask us about parking recording when you chat with us about your new dash cam and installation at AV-DC.

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Cloud Dash Cams

Our high-end dash cams are cloud-capable, meaning you can check on your car literally anywhere in the world on your smartphone! View recorded videos, live view, and notifications about your car in real time.

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Our Dash Cam Brands

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