Make Parking Easier

Avoid damage to your car! Make parking safer and easier with a reversing camera system.

Reversing Cameras

A reversing camera gives you a clear view behind the car when you’re reversing. We have access to a wide range of reversing cameras including factory-fit cameras for many makes and models. A really popular feature is dynamic guidelines, which bend as you move the steering wheel to indicate where the car is moving. Handy!

Rear Parking Sensors & Front Parking Sensors

Some drivers prefer parking sensors which give an audible warning of any obstacles when parking. We can install sensors on the front and back of your car. All of our parking sensor installation services come with sensors painted to match your car. Can’t decide whether to get a camera or sensors? We can do both!

Add a Side Camera to Protect Your Wheels

A side camera mounts under your side mirror to keep an eye on the kerb when parallel parking. You can view the camera with the push of a button, or even automatically when parallel parking. It’s often cheaper than a wheel repair or replacement, so avoid that dreaded ‘gutter rash’ on your alloy wheels!

side camera

Front Parking Cameras

Spoiler alert! If your car has a low front spoiler, lip, or bumper, you might know the experience of scraping it on a car park kerb, driveway or obstacle. With a front camera from AV-DC you can park without scraping with the push of a button.

front camera

Trailer Cameras & Towing

Reverse camera systems are often known as ‘marriage savers’ by caravan travelers – because they make hitching an absolute breeze! We can also fit rear view cameras to caravans, campers and trailers, so you can keep an eye on traffic behind you as you tow, and maneuver and park your trailer more easily – a fantastic addition for setting up your site in a caravan park.

trailer camera

Already Have a Factory Colour Screen?

If you have an existing colour display in your car – for your radio or navigation – chances are we can keep your interior neat and factory-style by interfacing any of our camera systems to your factory display! We love installing parking cameras that look and work just like a factory option, and we can get a wide range of factory-fit cameras.

factory screen camera

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