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Car Bluetooth Systems

If your car is missing bluetooth functionality, it’s easy to upgrade it at AV-DC with a quality car bluetooth system.

Have you ever missed a call while driving? Or had a fine for using your phone while driving? We can help you use your phone safely and legally while you drive with a quality bluetooth car kit. Even better, we can install Bluetooth so you can play back music and podcasts from your phone!

Quality Car Bluetooth

Have you ever called someone while they’re driving, and it sounds like they’re talking in a tunnel, with muffled speech that’s hard to understand? Our quality bluetooth systems have active noise canceling and high quality components to make sure they’re loud and clear, without the fuss. Our bluetooth systems automatically mute your radio, and call audio comes through your car speakers, not some squawk box under the dash, so you’ll always hear the caller clearly.

Phonebook & Voice Control

Dial quickly and easily with your contacts synced automatically to your bluetooth handsfree system. Some units also offer voice control and dialing so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road!


Podcasts & Music Streaming

Want to listen to podcasts while you drive? Or maybe music streaming like Spotify, Iheartradio, Tidal or YouTube Red? We can install a suitable system to take care of calls and music, and work with your factory radio. We can also upgrade or replace older bluetooth units which aren’t compatible with music streaming.

Factory-Style Car Bluetooth Upgrade

We have bluetooth systems available to work with the factory radio display in many makes and models, so your bluetooth works just like a factory option. To find out if we have a factory-style solution for your car, give us a call today.

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