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If you’re after better sound in your car, we have the car audio products, tools and expertise to make it happen.

If you’re like us, you’ll already know that factory car audio doesn’t really cut it. The music you love deserves so much more, and so do you. We think your car is the best place for a good sound system – you spend hours every week driving it, and you should be able to really enjoy your music while you do.

Car sound has come a long way, and whether you drive a modern car or you’re looking to set up a classic or muscle car, each car has its own challenges and requirements. We’re equipped with the products and experience to make your music sound amazing, no matter what you drive.

Factory-Style Car Sound Upgrades

Our most popular upgrades in daily-driven late model cars are hidden, factory-style car stereo upgrades. We can fit complete systems, including advanced DSP amplifiers, speakers, sound deadening and subwoofers under factory covers with incredible results, working with your factory radio or a quality aftermarket unit. With modern car audio technology you can keep your boot space and still enjoy great sounding music.

car audio factory upgrade

Hidden Sound for Classic Cars

With Bluetooth technology, you don’t need to cut a hole in the dashboard of your classic car to fit a CD player. We have advanced techniques and some amazing products to fit a great sound system without cutting up your car, or even having speakers visible.

car audio classic hidden

Show Off or Hide Away? Why Not Both!

We can create elegant-looking sound systems that can still be covered for normal use of your car. We can use factory style finishes or highlights, or incorporate any look you’re after.

car audio creative

Stunning Custom Sound

If you’re going all-out, you won’t find a better shop in Adelaide to build your sound system, and we have the qualifications, accolades and awards to prove it.

  • – Top 50 Installers 2020 – Mobile Electronics Industry Awards (USA)
  • – Top 50 Installers 2019 – Mobile Electronics Industry Awards (USA)
  • – Mobile Solutions (USA) Master Tech Trained
  • – Scott Buwalda (Hybrid Audio USA, IASCA & EMMA Champion) trained in sound quality and acoustics
  • – Diploma of Electronic Engineering
  • – MEASQ (Sound Quality) State Champion and National Finalist
  • – Bass Battle (SPL) National Finalist
  • – Soundoff SuperSeries (SPL) State Champion
  • – Sound Quality SuperSeries (Sound Quality) State Champion
  • – Published in Australian INCAR Entertainment Magazine with multiple cover & feature cars.

Our experience allows us to build a system that not only performs exceptionally, but looks stunning, with advanced fabrication and finishing techniques to create sound systems and custom interior features that go well beyond the equipment itself.

car audio custom system

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