Sleek Gets Sleeker

Blackvue are well-known makers of premium dash cameras, and we’ve supported them for a long time here at AV-DC. Their models are always sleek, well-featured, easy to use and very effective. It’s what we look for in a dash cam! The Blackvue DR750 series builds on the success of the DR550 and DR650 series with some great improvements. We’ve given them a quick run-down in our introductory video!

Blackvue DR750: More resolution, higher FPS

The leading improvement in the Blackvue DR750S Dash Cam is the change to full High Definition (HD 1080) recording from both the front and rear cameras, with the front camera now recording at 60 Frames Per Second, and the rear camera recording at 30FPS. Higher resolution and higher frame rates allow the cameras to capture more detail than is otherwise possible, especially when traffic incidents can be caused and happen in what seems like an instant!

GPS, WiFi and App connectivity

As has been the case for a while now with flagship Blackvue cameras, the DR750 series comes with built-in GPS location recording and WiFi connectivity. This allows you to connect to the DR750 with your smartphone and the Blackvue app to view videos, check the cameras and change a range of recording settings. They’re also compatible with Blackvue’s Cloud service when paired with a suitable mobile data hotspot. If you’re keen on Cloud connectivity, chat to us for more info.

Parking Recording

The Blackvue DR750 series cameras all work in conjunction with the Power Magic Pro control unit to allow surveillance of your car while parked, very useful in street or public parking scenarios.

Expert Installation

We recommend professional installation for all dash cameras. Our expert technicians can install the Blackvue DR750 dash camera with all wiring neatly hidden and all connections being made at the factory fuse panel. We also offer a lifetime Car Audio Masters warranty on all of our installations, to go with Blackvue’s 2-year warranty on the cameras themselves.

To chat about the Blackvue DR750 dash camera and installation in your car, just fill in your details below!

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