Car sound upgrades have grown up since the late 90s. We’re all thankful to have Pimp My Ride and Fast and the Furious behind us, and these days the art of a beautiful sound system is rather more mature. At AV-DC we’re great at building a bespoke hidden car sound upgrade, because many of our customers have constraints in common:

Work with the factory touch screen source unit
Speakers to fit behind factory covers
No gigantic subwoofers & amplifiers to get in the way of luggage space

In our years of working with customer’s needs and desires, we feel it translates to a simple brief:

Make music sound amazing, without compromising the nature of the car.

Here’s one great example – a Volkswagen CC. This sedan is a great example of the Euro aesthetic, and is well optioned from the factory – but the standard sound is flat, lifeless and dull, especially when the volume goes up. We specified a complete car sound upgrade for the CC, adding amplification and premium DLS speakers, with a 100% factory finish. The car now has a lively, dynamic sound system that urges you to enjoy it, with a ‘larger than life’ presence when the volume is set for the commute to work. The entire system can be downgraded back to the OEM equipment if the car is later sold, too.

We can upgrade your car so you can really enjoy your music, and it doesn’t have to stand out one bit. Chat to us today about what we can do for you!