Make Parking Easier in Your VW

vw reversing camera

Parking is easier with a VW reversing camera system! A reversing camera shows obstacles behind the car while you park, making it easier to maneuver your car and avoid scrapes & dents. If you drive a Volkswagen Tiguan, Golf, Touareg, Polo or Up, we have some great options for fitting a factory-style reversing camera to your car.

VW Reversing Camera on your Factory Colour Display

If you have a factory colour screen in your VW, often known as an RCD510 or RNS510 system, we can install a factory-style reversing camera which will show automatically on your screen when you reverse – just like a factory option. Do you already have parking sensors? If so, the reversing camera image can show alongside the sensors, for the ultimate reversing guide! Just check out our video.

Dynamic Guidelines on your VW Reversing Camera

Many of our camera systems can show guidelines which move with the steering wheel, so you know where the car is moving. They’re known as Dynamic Guidelines or Bendy Guidelines. Handy!

Rear View Mirror Display

We can attach a rear view mirror which automatically shows your reversing camera image when you back up – an ideal choice for a simple upgrade.

Radio Upgrade

Considering bluetooth, navigation or Apple CarPlay with your reversing camera upgrade? We can combine these features with a new touchscreen radio, saving time and money on your upgrade. We have lots of aftermarket and genuine options to upgrade your standard VW radio.