A Neat Workshop is a Beautiful Thing

Isn’t it just? We love showing off our workshop – we take pride in continually tweaking and improving it, because it’s where we do our best work. The better our workshop, the better our work.

A Place For Everything

We have our workshop set up to work on two cars comfortably at any time – doors open, easy access, and no risk of bumps or scrapes. When we’re working under-bonnet or in the boot, we use aprons from Wurth to protect paint work, and we have various supplies for protecting interiors while we work.

Everything In Its Place

A critical feature of our workshop is its dedicated spaces for different work processes – our fabrication room, spray painting cabinet, metalwork space, electronics room and wiring prep bench are all designated so that during the course of our work, we don’t mix up parts and nothing gets in the way. This means your car stays safe, and our work is the best it can be.

workshop at av-dcShed Some Light

All our work spaces are fitted out by Renewable Energy Australia with powerful LED lighting and our workshop features a fantastic oversized cooling fan. With our complement of portable Narva LED work lighting, we have an environment which is well lit and comfortable to work in.

Fabulous Fabrication Room

Unique in South Australia, we have a dedicated fabrication room. This allows us to build advanced custom parts and installations to an exceptional standard, while keeping your car clean and safe. Our room features a bench-top router, saw, and a sliding panel saw, along with our collection of handheld power tools from Makita, Bosch and Hitachi.

We welcome anyone to take a tour of our workshop and facilities, either in person or by checking out our walk-through video. We believe any potential customer should be able to see their car is in good hands – and see that the passion and pride that goes into our workspace also goes into the cars we work on.

workshop at av-dc