Buying a New Ford Ranger? See The Experts at AV-DC.

When you’re buying a new Ford Ranger, we can help fit it out with the accessories you need to be safer, more productive, go further and do more. Whether you’re buying it as a workhorse, off-road rig, family vehicle or a combination of all three, there’s lots of accessories that can make your Ranger even better.

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Why Not Dealer Accessories?

We can offer you better quality accessories, with a better quality installation – we’re not just looking to close a sale! We prioritise quality and service, and we have years of experience working with all accessories. We won’t just farm your new car out to an outfitter who’s trying to get it done as cheaply and quickly as possible. That means you have more choice when it comes to what’s fitted and how it’s set up to work best for you. By dealing directly with us, you also get better value.

What About My Warranty?

No problems. Our installations carry our Car Audio Masters Lifetime Installation Warranty, and all of our products come with comprehensive product warranties.  We’re experienced with late-model vehicles and we use best-practice installation techniques to ensure the integrity of the vehicle is preserved.

So What Can AV-DC Do?

  • – Front parking cameras, reverse camera integration with your tray or canopy, and trailer & caravan cameras on your factory display.
  • – Front and rear parking sensors – we can also do reverse sensors on tray tops.
  • – Dual battery systems
  • – Waeco fridges and fridge power outlets
  • – Anderson power sockets
  • – USB charging sockets
  • – Dash cams
  • – Driving Lights
  • – UHF Radios and Antennas
  • – Sound system upgrades including slimline subwoofers and speakers
  • – …And more.

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