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Blackvue DR900S Dashcam

Blackvue’s new flagship dash cam is the Blackvue DR900S. It redefines what is possible from a compact, windscreen mounted dash cam. 4K Ultra High Definition used to be the realm of cinematographers. Now you can have it in your car.

Why Do I Need 4K?

Dash cams are a no longer just another gadget for your vehicle. These days they can be an invaluable tool in the unfortunate event of an accident. With insurance costs always increasing and insurance companies doing everything they can to limit what they pay out, evidence is key. A dash cam is only as useful as the footage it records. Blurry or unclear images can easily be dismissed. 4K Ultra High Definition is the highest resolution image available. It provides a crystal clear image, allowing identification of number plates and other pertinent details.

blackvue dr900s hd comparison
4K, as the name suggests, offers four times the detail of regular HD.

Better File Storage

4K Ultra High Definition video files mean four times as much information per frame as 1080p. To cope with this amount of information the DR900S uses H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding. This allows more footage to be stored on the onboard micro SD card. With up to 128Gb cards available and format free technology, the DR900S has plenty of storage capacity. The built in impact and motion sensor detects impacts and sudden changes in speed. The relevant files are highlighted and locked so they are not recorded over.

Full Coverage

Blackvue dashcams are capable of protecting your vehicle at all times, not just when you are driving. When installed with either a Power Magic Pro battery monitor system or a Power Magic ancillary battery pack, the DR900S will record while the car is parked, giving you protection from car park accidents and break ins. The camera will even tell you when you get back in the car that an event was detected and the appropriate file will be highlighted and locked.

blackvue dr900s battery pack
Blackvue’s Power Magic battery allows for extended parking recording.


The DR900S features Dual Band 2.4-5GHz WiFi for high speed viewing and downloading of your video files. The Blackvue phone app makes it simple to preview the files you need, as well as changing the camera’s settings. The camera can also be accessed over the cloud. With an internet hotspot installed in the vehicle you can view your footage, live or recorded, from anywhere in the world.

Refined Design

At first glance the DR900S looks the same as its predecessor, the DR750S. The sleek barrel design is maintained, as is the overall layout. Put the two side by side, however, and you will notice some refinements in the DR900S. The body of the main camera has been smoothed out and a couple of subtle rose gold highlights have been added. All of this adds up to a discreet yet attractive addition to your vehicle that offers peace of mind, knowing that no matter what happens, you are protected.

blackvue dr900s installed

State Of The Art

The Blackvue DR900S represents the leading edge of dash cam technology available here in Australia. A state of the art camera system, combined with our best practice installation techniques, it offers the highest level of security and peace of mind available for your pride and joy.

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