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Reverse Camera Safety

Are you thinking of having a reverse camera fitted to your car? They’re a great safety addition, making it easier to see behind you when reversing and parking. They can help you spot any obstacles that may be in the way. And a reverse camera can help you avoid hitting other cars, kerbs, trees or poles when reversing.

Have you considered how you want to view your reverse camera? There are a number of options for displaying the picture to the driver, and one of the best ways is by having AV-DC fit a new touchscreen radio to your car.

Our range of quality touchscreens replace the existing radio and CD player in your car. They’re fully compatible with the steering wheel buttons, USB sockets, antenna and technology you already have in your car, and add the ability to view a reverse camera right in your dashboard. In fact, they also add a bunch of other useful features, so we think they’re a great value addition to any car.

Bluetooth and Reverse Camera

All of our touchscreens – from Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony and Clarion – come with bluetooth. Your phone can connect wirelessly – without even taking your phone out of your bag or pocket. You can answer calls via the touchscreen and talk with crystal-clear sound. You can also play music from your phone through the touchscreen, so if you like listening to Spotify, iTunes Music, Google Play or Podcasts, it’s a great way to connect those music services to your car.

reverse camera and bluetooth

Apple CarPlay and Reverse Camera

It’s great to be able to see your reverse camera clearly on a big 6.2″ or 7″ colour screen, and many of our touchscreen units also come with Apple CarPlay. With an Apple iPhone connected, you can use Siri, navigate with Maps, send and receive SMS, and use music streaming apps safely while you drive. It’s more affordable than conventional GPS navigation solutions, and your maps are always up to date!

apple car play and reverse camera

Android Auto and Reverse Camera

If you have a Samsung or other Android phone, Android Auto helps you get connected in a similar way. Navigate with Google Maps, listen to music, and send and receive messages with Google Assistant.

android auto and reverse camera

Lots Of Options

You can also have USB music playback, DAB+ Digital Radio, CD and DVD playback, and lots of other music features to go with a crystal clear view of your reverse camera. A new touchscreen upgrade can really add a lot of value to your car.

reverse camera

FREE Reverse Camera

Our touchscreen upgrades are so popular that we offer a FREE standard reverse camera with any purchase + installation of a replacement touchscreen receiver. All you pay is installation! That’s a great value upgrade, saving you $129.

If you’re thinking of adding a reverse camera to your car, chat to the experts at AV-DC. We can help you make the most of a safety upgrade by adding extra features with a new touchscreen to make your drive safer and easier.

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