360 Degree Surround Cameras – The Ultimate Parking Assistant

This is some technology that we’re really excited to showcase. Our 360 degree surround camera system is the ultimate way to keep an eye on your car while parking! It generates a birds-eye view of the entire perimeter of your car making it easy to park near kerbs, parking bollards, other cars and especially reverse parallel parking.

360 degree surround view camera

How Does It Work?

The 360 degree surround camera system uses four cameras and an intelligent control module to generate a birds-eye view of your car. Front and rear cameras are hidden in the front grille and near the rear number plate. Side cameras are flush mounted in the wing mirrors. The intelligent control module is calibrated to take each of the four camera signals and combine them to a perimeter view of the car’s surroundings, all on your factory colour screen or aftermarket display.

Intelligent Views

Along with the 360-degree birds-eye view, the camera system also automatically shows an automatic view of the direction you’re moving. For example, when reversing, the birds-eye view is supplemented with a close-up of the rear view of the car. When reverse parallel parking, the side view is automatically shown. Great for keeping an eye on your wheels while you park, avoiding gutter damage! And at the touch of a button, you can check the front of your car while pulling into a park, avoiding potential scrapes and front bumper damage.

Off-Road Bliss

If you’re partial to a four-wheel-drive trip, a 360 degree surround camera like this is invaluable. Sight your path as you navigate rocks, ruts, water crossings and obstacles! Keep an eye on your surroundings at all times at the touch of a button while you drive.

Talk To The Experts

The 360 degree surround camera system really is the ultimate parking assistant, and we’re the specialists in Adelaide to supply, install and calibrate a complete system to suit your car and its factory colour screen. To set up your car with this fantastic tech, talk to us today.

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