Dashcam tech is moving faster than ever, with lots of cameras and options available. When you’re looking for a camera to protect your car, how do you choose? At AV-DC we’re here to help out with advice and guidance to help you get the best option for your car and your budget. Here are some of the most common questions we encounter about dashcams – we hope they can help you make your selection!

Should I buy a 1080 HD, 2K QHD or 4K UHD dashcam?

Ultra-HD dashcams are relatively new to the market, but the bottom line is that they can capture up to four times the detail of a 1080 high-definition camera. That’s useful for identifying number plates, or the driver of a vehicle, or other small detail that might be relevant in an incident.

Can I record behind the car as well?

Two-channel dashcams are really popular. A small rear camera is attached to the back window, and connects to the front camera, with both cameras recording onto a single micro-SD card. It’s worth considering, as rear-end and tailgating incidents are some of the most common accidents on our roads.

Can a dashcam keep an eye on my car when it’s parked?

It sure can – it’s one of our most common requests. All of our dashcams are capable of parking recording. When the car is parked, the camera is in standby, ready to record if it detects motion or shock.

In any case, it’s important that the camera is installed professionally to ensure parking mode doesn’t flatten your car battery. Read on for more information…

Should I get a battery pack for my dashcam?

If you’re using your dashcam for parking recording it runs from your car battery via a hardwiring kit. This hardwiring kit ensures the camera shuts off before your battery goes flat, but that limits the amount of time your camera can run in parking mode. If your car battery is more than a couple of years old, the camera may only run for a few hours before it shuts off.

A lithium-ion battery pack can run your dashcam in parking mode for much longer periods of time with zero drain on your car battery. It recharges while you drive, and runs the camera when you’re parked. It’s worth considering if you want to make sure your car is protected all day – or night.

Can I check my dashcam while I’m away from my car?

Many of our cams have cloud connectivity. This allows you to check on your car while you’re away from it, view and download recordings, and get alerts if something happens to your car while it’s parked, all via your smartphone.

Using a dashcam’s cloud functionality requires a wifi hotspot in the car for the dashcam to connect to the cloud. You can choose a hotspot device and a data plan from your carrier for us to install. We can help advise on which hotspot device will work best with your dashcam.

I’ve just had my windows tinted. Does this affect the dashcam installation?

It’s best to leave new window tint for one week before attaching a dashcam. This generally only affects rear dashcams, as the front windscreen doesn’t get tinted. Keep this in mind if you’re booking in tinting and a camera in short order. If needed, we can fit the front cam anytime, and attach the rear camera a week after tinting.

I’m driving for Uber, and they say I need a dashcam fitted.

We can help with Uber’s requirements with models suitable for recording your drive, as well as inside the cabin – day or night.

Can you fit a dashcam in my truck, ute or van?

Absolutely. We’ve got heavy-duty commercial dashcam models and we can work around your commercial vehicle fitout.

Can I have a dashcam in my car, and one on the back of my caravan?

You can! We have options for fitting a two-channel dash cam to your car, with the ability to record from a camera on the rear of the caravan when it’s hitched up.

Can I upgrade my forward-facing dashcam to a two-channel dashcam?

It depends on the model of camera. While many models come with single-channel and two-channel options, many single-channel dashcams lack the connector for the second camera, so it pays to consider a single-channel versus two-channel dashcam carefully.

Is a rear dashcam the same as a reverse camera?

Being that dashcams are set up for recording, they’re independent of your reverse camera.

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