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We do not send “kits” for third-party install. Bring your car to us in Adelaide, South Australia for these hand-made upgrades.

Bass in the Place

If you’re looking for a great bass upgrade for the factory sound system in your Hyundai i30, AV-DC can custom-build and install an upgraded sound system! This example includes a custom subwoofer enclosure built especially for this i30 N which fits flush in the side panel of the hatchback. It contains a 10 inch 280 watt subwoofer from Focal, paired with an amplifier which works with your factory touchscreen sound system.

The i30 subwoofer upgrade package fits without any permanent modifications to the i30 and can be removed without a trace if needed. Best of all, it gives it a fantastic bass upgrade which doesn’t use up precious boot space! The Focal 10″ subwoofer is capable of great bass depth and output.

What about my speakers?

We can of course upgrade your speaker system while we’re at it, with heaps of speaker upgrade options from our quality brands. Sound deadening can help you get the most out of your new speakers with reduced road noise, better sound and less rattles. And for the ultimate upgrade, we can upgrade speakers, add a subwoofer and sound deadening, and run the whole system from a DSP amplifier to enhance the sound from the factory touchscreen and tailor the sound system precisely to your tastes. Full sound system upgrades are our specialty!

Handcrafted Custom Installation

Despite looking like an OEM part, our upgrades are hand-built for each vehicle, which means we can customise your sound system upgrade to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Let’s do it!

Visit our showroom in Adelaide to discuss your custom-made upgrade. We offer subwoofers, amplifiers, speaker upgrades, sound deadening and much more. We’d love to tailor a package just for you!

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