A young driver getting their license for the first time is exciting. Freedom and independence come with responsibility for safe driving though, and young driver safety is under intense scrutiny by police. We can help with technology to help young driver safety in your family.

Don’t Miss Out on Safety

It’s common for young drivers to learn the basics of safe driving under the supervision of their parents in the family car. Learning to drive with safety aids like a reverse camera, lane departure and blind spot warnings is a great idea. However, their first car may not come with those safety features, even if it’s only a few years old. We can add that safety technology to get them started safely.

Reverse Cameras & Sensors

It’s easy to add a reverse camera, parking sensors, and even blind spot sensors to help your young driver avoid hitting obstacles in car parks or on the roads.

young driver safety reverse camera

Apple CarPlay – Safer Phone Use

Phones play such an important part in a young driver’s life. A touchscreen upgrade with Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto can allow drivers to use maps, Spotify, podcasts and Siri safely while driving, with their phone stowed away.

young driver safety apple carplay

Dash Cams and Young Driver Safety Assistance

Young drivers are often left with the blame in a car accident. A quality dash cam system can record their drive and provide valuable evidence in an insurance dispute. They can also keep an eye on their car while it’s parked at school, university or work.

We also have dash cams with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS.) They have active alerts which can help with safe driving habits:

  • Lane departure warning
  • Front collision warning
  • Following distance warning
  • Speed limit reminders and speed camera locations
young driver safety dashcam

Get Started Today!

We can help you and your young driver with these upgrades, with quality installation, plain-English advice and we can take the time to show you how to use these new upgrades effectively and safely. See us at our showroom in Panorama today.

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