BMW cars are beautifully-crafted German vehicles. But we find a similar trend with many BMW owners when it comes to the sound system. They have all the right ‘premium’ badges, they look the goods, and they present well on the test drive, but many BMW owners find over time that the sound systems don’t quite cut it, and a BMW speaker upgrade is the way to fix it. We are BMW specialists and we’ve got the products and experience to perform a seamless upgrade with amazing results.

What’s the Problem?

Listener Fatigue is the key phrase in BMWs. They may tick all the basic boxes; lots of mid-bass and smooth at low volumes, they have the same fatal flaw as many factory ‘premium’ sound systems; your favourite song comes on, you turn it up… And it all falls apart. Treble becomes harsh and scratchy, midrange becomes ‘shouty’ and excessive, and that bass becomes monotone and compressed.

What Can AV-DC Do About It? BMW Speaker Upgrade time!

We have access to a wide range of speakers designed specifically to suit BMWs. They fit in factory locations, plug into factory connectors, and are hidden behind factory covers. High quality speakers really thrive in BMW’s well-engineered interior.

Amplifier Improvements

Going hand-in-hand with a quality speaker upgrade is a DSP amplifier to run them. If you have a factory amplified sound system, the factory amplifier isn’t the best way to run high quality speakers. They’re short on power, and critically, they’re tuned to try and squeeze the most out of those mass-produced factory speakers.

We view a DSP Amplifier as Best-Practice in any sound system upgrade, as it allows us to measure and correct for the car’s interior acoustics, the frequency response of the factory source unit, and get the most out of that speaker upgrade. It also allows us to tune the sound to a fine level of detail, improving the soundstage and imaging, and to tailor frequency response to your listening preferences. It really is the ideal way to ensure you get the sound you’re after.

Best of all, our DSP Amplifier options fit under factory covers, plug into factory connections, and enhance your sound without getting in the way.

Let’s Chat about a BMW Speaker Upgrade!

We have the products, tools and expertise to make it happen. See us at our showroom in Panorama to put together your upgrade package today.

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