If you’re looking for upgrades to your car’s safety and functionality, AVDC in Panorama can help. Located just 10 minutes south of the city, AVDC sells and installs high quality car audio and electronics accessories, like:


AVDC is a specialised business focused on quality of service and installation. While many shops are distracted by selling products cheaply and installing them quickly, we believe high quality creates better outcomes every time. If you are interested in high quality upgrades, rather than just cheap and nasty ones, AVDC is worth considering.

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Installing new features like Apple CarPlay and reversing cameras on your factory screen is often a complex undertaking. Luckily, AVDC are experienced in these upgrades, and we have the experience, tools and knowledge to make an upgrade work just like a factory feature.

We are highly qualified, experienced and awarded automotive electronics technicians. We are the only shop in Australia with a technician awarded in the Top 50 Installers of 2019 worldwide! This means we have the expertise and experience to complete any automotive electronics work, from small to large.

Additionally, AVDC is specialised in custom fabrication and trim, and we’re capable of designing, constructing and installing extensive custom interior and audio projects for your modern or classic car, whether hidden, factory-style, or all-out custom.

If you are considering automotive electronics upgrades to your car, we’d love to help. Call, email or visit – talk to us today!

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