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A special car like the Ford Mustang deserves a truly special sound system. The Mustang GT comes with tough muscle-car looks, a torquey 5.0-litre V8, and huge Brembo brakes all factory-fitted. Unfortunately though, Ford definitely didn’t pay much attention to the sound system, with the same basic eight-speaker system fitted to all Australian-delivered Mustangs. It doesn’t take long to find its shortcomings – it lacks realistic bass and treble, the midrange is peaky and inconsistent, and when turned up the system readily loses composure, sounding harsh and rough. That’s a recipe for a sound system that you get sick of quickly – especially on long trips.

An additional challenge in the case of this GT was the convertible top – absolutely fantastic for cruising on a sunny day, it also presents challenges for the sound system. The quality of sound can change dramatically with the roof down, with bass disappearing further, and the midrange and treble losing focus.

We fixed Ford’s shortcomings with a stunning factory-inspired Audison sound system.

Audison Voce Premium Components

Audison’s Prima 8.9 Bit DSP Amplifier allows us to tailor the audio output of the factory SYNC touchscreen to suit the speakers and acoustics of the car – a must with modern factory sound system units. It runs each Audison speaker with its own amplifier channel, giving this system the ultimate in control and fidelity. Thankfully, the speaker locations Ford have designed into the car are actually rather conducive to good sound, especially with our hand-fabricated speaker mounts and SoundSkins sound deadening installed on the doors, door trims and rear side panel areas.

In the boot, a molded fibreglass enclosure houses two Audison Voce AV 10 subwoofers and an AV Uno amplifier for a monstrous 1,700 watts of subwoofer system. Contrary to that headline figure, the subwoofers are impeccable performers not only at raw output, but also refined, composed sub-bass at any level.

On a personal note, I was already expecting the sub-bass to be pretty good, but it’s honestly some of the best sub-bass I’ve heard in any car. The Audison Voce subwoofers are exceptional.

Our signature piece in this installation is the presentation of the subwoofers and amplifier in a factory-inspired design, mimicking the Mustang’s brushed silver dashboard facia, the chamfer design around the touchscreen reflected around the amplifier, and the dashboard top and air vent styling framing the pair of subwoofers. With white and blue LED lighting to match the interior, the design has huge dimension, while still being slim enough to be used daily underneath a sturdy and ventilated cover panel.

Safety Upgrades

As is often the case with a car as special as the Mustang, we also fitted some safety and convenience upgrades at the same time. A front parking camera is tucked under the number plate and activated on the factory touchscreen with the ‘OK’ button on the steering wheel, making parking easy without risk of damage to the front spoiler. A Blackvue dash cam was also fitted for driving recording.

Connect With Music

Looking to fit out your special car with a truly outstanding sound system with some unique visual touches? See us at AV-DC for a Signature sound system today.

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