Groundpounder time!

Let me start by stating the obvious; a ‘groundpounder’ sound system like this isn’t for everyone. This system was developed, built and tested to reach the limits of what’s possible in terms of sheer bass output to compete in sound-off competitions. I was going to say that a lot of competitive SPL sound systems treat aesthetics as an afterthought, but it’s more true to say that many don’t consider it at all. That’s not really our cup of tea, so we’ve also made this sound system look as big and bold as it sounds.

Forthright Fourth Order

This Subaru Impreza sedan might not be considered the ultimate platform for the highest SPL numbers, but there’s merit to using and enjoying the car you have. The owner sat down with us and discussed the characteristics and limitations of the car, the equipment he wanted to use, and the way he wanted to use it. It became apparent with the fixed back seat and small folding access port to the boot that a fourth-order bandpass enclosure was a contender. A fourth-order bandpass enclosure can produce all its output through a single port, meaning that the limited access from the boot to the cabin would not hinder overall output and scores. Once you consider the equipment list however, things get more challenging:

groundpounder batteries

Innovate for Space

A fourth order enclosure is substantially larger than a typical sealed or ported enclosure, and the Impreza is not known for a tremendous boot. Fabricating an enclosure totaling some 10 cubic feet gross around the batteries, cabling and amplifier was one of the biggest box-building challenges we’ve faced, let alone making it such that it can fit in through the boot opening, as access through the back seat was out of the question. The enclosure was built in three sections; two comprising the ported chamber of the bandpass enclosure, and a third making the sealed chamber. All three slide into the boot in sequence, being connected by bolts and steel threaded inserts along with gaskets which allow an airtight seal without flex between the chambers. Bracing and reinforcement were paramount to the strength of the overall enclosure as well.

subaru impreza groundpounder

Groundpounder Gear On Show

With the sealed chamber at the rear, we flushed a laminated glass pane into the top of the enclosure to view the immense Phoenix Gold Elite woofers, complete with blue lit logos. Gloss white two-pack paint and remote controlled RGB lighting really turn this SPL build from rough-and-ready to a pristine bass show.

subaru impreza groundpounder

Walk The Walk

All of that is great, but the proof is in the scores for an SPL competitor. In its current form, the system has scored 151dB at 27Hz! Many competitors will be aware of the challenge of producing high scores in a sedan with pillarless windows, let alone at such a low frequency, so we’re thrilled that this system achieves a score like this. It’s a brutal performer at that level, and completely consistent and stable too, a testament to the matching of the battery system, wiring, amplifier, woofers and importantly the enclosure being in balance, putting less stress on any one part of the setup, and making it safer to run at high levels without risking damage.

subaru impreza groundpounder

subaru impreza groundpounder

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